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Case Results

Care with front end smashed inCar Collision

Insurance company tried to get the client to accept a $30,000 settlement, but after Rosenthal Law Firm aggressively pursued the case, the insurance company offered $117,000.

$117,000 Settlement

Emergency responders next to an accidentCar Collision

Husband and wife were hit from the side when a negligent driver went through a stop sign without stopping. Husband had a neck injury, and wife had a back injury, and both treated for 8 months. Cases settled for $66,000.

$66,000 Settlement

Car after being side swipedCar Collision

Client broadsided and sustained a back injury leading to surgery. Case settled for $220,000.

$220,000 Settlement

Icy Parking lotSlip & Fall

Client slipped and fell on an icy parking lot at work. Client had surgery on his shoulder. Case settled for $120,000.

$120,000 Settlement

Car after being t bonedCar Collision

Head-on car collision with multiple surgeries. $540,000 settlement (maximum amount of insurance available).

$540,000 Settlement

Front end of a car smashedCar Collision

Client was rear-ended and then pushed into the car in front of him. Client sustained shoulder injuries but did not have surgery. Case settled for the maximum amount of insurance, $100,000.

$100,000 Settlement

Dangerous stairsSlip & Fall

Client slipped & fell down basement stairs and sustained an injury to her foot and lower back. Case settled for $150,000.

$150,000 Settlement

Dog BarkingDog Bite

Client got bit on the hand by a dog. Client had multiple surgeries, and ultimately settled for the full amount of insurance available, $305,000.

$305,000 Settlement

bumper damageCar Collision

Client was hit by a car pulling out into the road from a parked position. Initially, the police found the client at fault. After an investigation by Attorney Rosenthal, the police changed their position and the other person's insurance company paid their full policy, $25,000, for the client's injuries. The client's insurance also paid $19,000, for a total of $44,000.

$44,000 Settlement

bumper damageCar Collision

Client was rear-ended and suffered shoulder and back injuries. $74,000 settlement. The physical damage to the car was not particularly significant, and the insurance company tried to make an issue of it.

$74,000 Settlement

bumper damageCar Collision

Clients were rear-ended on the highway with little damage to vehicle. Client suffered shoulder and passenger suffered neck injuries. Settled with at-fault insurance company for $40,000 (Max. amount of insurance available) and settled with the client's insurance for $128,000 under the Underinsured Motorist's (UIM) benefits provision of insurance policy.

$168,000 Settlement

Dog BarkingDog Bite

Client was bit by a dog on the chin. The client had his wounds sutured and ultimately ended up with several small scars that were covered by his beard. Case settled for $45,000.

$45,000 Settlement

X-ray with 3 screws in neckCar Collision

Client was rear-ended in her vehicle while stopped. Client suffered a back injury and ultimately had surgery. $470,000 settlement.

$470,000 Settlement

Icy sidewalkSlip & Fall

Slip and fall on icy walkway leading to surgery. $250,000 settlement. Client fell on the walkway at the apartment she was renting.

$250,000 Settlement