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    Attorney Ed Rosenthal has been helping people hurt in accidents since 1993. He practices throughout Connecticut. Attorney Rosenthal offers individual attention and a personal approach to personal injury.

    Our goal is to guide clients from injury to recovery, from collision to settlement. You want to get the treatment you need, get your car fixed, settle your case, and move on with life. That’s our goal too!

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  • Not every case is a million-dollar case, we just act like it

    Want your case to be handled by an attorney with 27 years’ experience? Want your attorney’s cell phone number so you can reach them and not have to go through a secretary? Want an attorney that cares about you and how you’re doing? Attorney Rosenthal does!

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  • On YOUR Side - Since 1993

    If you’ve never had an accident before, you might not know what to do, or even what questions you should be asking. Getting your car fixed, medical treatment, lost wages? Attorney Rosenthal can be your guide through the process from collision to settlement.

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Experienced Attorney On YOUR Side

When you're in an accident, your life can change in a second. All you have worked and planned for can change because someone else was too busy to pay attention. The other person's insurance company may call you, and they may seem nice and caring on the telephone. But are they really concerned about you, or more concerned about their corporate bottom-line?

When you hire a personal injury attorney, you are hiring someone that is going to be your guide through the maze of questions and complications that your life has become after an accident. Who pays for your car getting fixed? What about a rental vehicle? What doctor can I see? What doctor should I see? Should I take the quick settlement from the insurance company?

Attorney Ed Rosenthal has been through this many times in his years of practice. He has been practicing law since 1992.  He has worked for several firms, always specializing in representing people injured in accidents.  Since 2005 he's had his own firm. He has handled countless accident cases. He has resolved his cases through amicable negotiation, jury trials, courtside trials, mediation, and arbitration. Many times the case will settle quickly after the client finishes medical treatment because the right strategy was used. 

Sometimes the insurance company will balk at offering a fair settlement, and in those cases, Attorney Rosenthal is ready and able to fight them until they offer a fair settlement. He has handled cases in every civil courthouse in Connecticut. Attorney Rosenthal has argued appeals to the Connecticut Appellate Court, and to the Connecticut Supreme Court. Attorney Rosenthal can bring his extensive knowledge to a case whether it is getting a private investigator, an expert engineer, or an economist. All of this really means that Attorney Rosenthal knows how to get cases resolved. He has the knowledge and ability.

When you hire Attorney Rosenthal, you're going to be working with him. Your case is not going to be passed off to a secretary or an attorney fresh out of law school. Attorney Rosenthal has a personal relationship with each client. Most clients have his cell phone number. He often texts with clients if there is a quick question. He's been known to have Facetime or Skype conferences with clients.

Attorney Rosenthal is passionate about representing people hurt in accidents. He is naturally empathetic to someone who was minding their own business and gets hurt from another's carelessness. Attorney Rosenthal is honored to be helpful to people in need. Many of Attorney Rosenthal's clients are referrals from past clients- the highest compliment an attorney can get. Attorney Rosenthal believes he is here to serve you.


Free consultations!  There is no obligation.  No fee unless we win the case for you.

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At Rosenthal Law Firm, LLC, I focus on Car Accidents, Dog Bites, Slips and Falls, Worker’s Compensation, Criminal Defense, and Business Disputes and I am here to listen to you and help you navigate the legal system.


Free consultations! There is no obligation. No fee unless we win the case for you.