Slip & Falls

People can suffer horrible injuries in slip and fall accidents. Sometimes on the radio or social media these types of cases are made fun of, but there is nothing to laugh about when someone suffers a permanent injury. Attorney Rosenthal has successfully handled complex cases where there have been life-altering injuries.

 Slip and fall cases often are more difficult than car accident cases, and insurance companies usually fight them harder. One reason slip and fall cases are more difficult is because the law states that an owner of property is not responsible for defective property unless they knew about the defect or if they should have known. An owner of property isn't automatically at fault for an injury on their property.

When you are injured on property it is important that you take the following steps as soon as possible:

  • Get the name and contact information for any witnesses
  • Get medical help as soon as possible
  • Take pictures of what caused you to slip
  • Take pictures of bruising or marks on your body
  • Don't talk to the insurance company or representative of the property owner until you talk to an attorney

   One of the biggest factors in a slip and fall case is the medical injury, and what the medical reports say are critical to the case. There are many factors that go into a slip and fall case settlement. The most important factor usually is the medical treatment. The doctors' reports are critical- what the doctors say about the severity of your injury, the need for future treatment, whether you have a permanent injury, the length of your treatment, the cost of your treatment. It is important that before you settle your case that you have explored all your medical options. Once you settle, if you discover a new medical problem you won't be able to get more money from the insurance company.

When you are getting your medical treatment, it is best to treat consistently. Gaps of time between appointments can hurt your case. If treatment with one doctor isn't improving your situation, let that doctor know. If you still don't improve, there are often many medical options available to you. You should discuss this with your doctor and lawyer. Skipping treatment or not scheduling treatment is not the best approach.

It is important to keep track of time missed from work. Lost wages are something that we take note of and work to get your reimbursed for from the insurance company.

There are many factors that go into deciding what your settlement is going to be - how the accident happened, your medical treatment, your lost wages, and the injuries' impact on your life. In some cases it may be necessary for the attorney to use an expert such as an engineer or economist to convince the insurance company on some issue in the case.

Attorney Rosenthal works hand-in-hand with clients to understand how the accident has affected them, and to guide them through the recovery and settlement process. Most clients have his mobile phone and he can respond to texts or calls after hours or on weekends. Your case won't be pushed off to a secretary or junior attorney. Attorney Rosenthal has been successfully handling slip and fall cases since 1993 and has guided countless clients through the process from accident, to recovery, to settlement.


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