Worker's Compensation

When you're injured on the job, you have a worker's comp case. The worker's comp system is very different than the personal injury system. In worker's comp, the injured worker doesn't have to prove that the employer did anything wrong or that there was negligence or carelessness on anyone's part.

 The insurance company versus YOU

 The worker's comp insurance company wants to get the injured worker back to work as soon as possible. Normally this would sound like a great idea- no one wants to be out of work. The problem often becomes that the company wants the worker back to work whether they are able to work or not.

The worker's comp insurance company wants the injured worker to get as little medical treatment as possible. No one wants to spend their time going to see doctors, but the problem comes when the company tries to deny the worker from getting medical treatment they need and want.

The worker's comp insurance company wants to have the injured worker go to “occupational health” clinics where the doctors often are on the side of the insurance company. Often the doctors will minimize the extent of the injury and minimize the need for additional treatment. This saves the insurance company money. It's not what is best for the health and well-being of the worker.

This is what the company wants. Is this what is best for you?

It is important to have an attorney in your corner fighting for YOUR interests. Do you feel as if you are ready to return to full duty? Do you feel that your medical injuries have been properly evaluated? Do you feel as good as you felt the day before the accident?

Attorney Rosenthal fights for injured workers, and has been doing this since 1993. He will fight for you to see the doctor of your choosing. He will fight to get you the treatment that you need. He will fight the insurance companies for your rights and for what is best for you.


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